sweet fleshy skin warm

kiss like nothing else

your orange creamy tart taste will into honey turn if we lay in the sun together

the smell of green emanates from you within calling me to pull the knife

i strip you down to your ripe round middle and gently nibble and suck you down

and when the time is right i stroke you down as i’m reminded of his long missed circumcision

and our tropical walks through Walmart aisles shopping for the Fourth of July


when the armor sheds

and the spirit is bare

he likes to sit on a swing

legs spread across the grass

thighs dangling between heaven and earth

he doesn’t have to plot

on how to bear the brunt of sin

when the struggle rises yet again

instead yonder down by the willow trees

the children playing hide and seek

remind him of when he was a kid

teetering between his mother’s hallowed hand

and the inevitable curse of becoming a man