the skill is to find life in the routine she said i’ve stood at this counter for 30 years pumping the same bottles into the air and nobody cares she said

do you want some advice i could tell you that you’ll age if you don’t cover up your face in these narcotics made in Spain but it’s your body love it any way you want

ya’ see this scar above my perfectly lined brow fell off a tree in 1963 you have a lot of scars all over are you ok or are you one of those foster girls from down the block

i’m sorry listen that was harsh there’s this cream for $49.95 that can help heal those dark circles under your eyes it helped before my divorce hearing when Harry hit me

the freckles on your face and the bleaching out of your hair you really should try this salve from France you’re far too young to have this damage men like long soft chestnut hair like yours

oh my i didn’t see those tattoos i have a concealer for that but you should really get it removed and it’s a shame with your good bones naturally formed you’d be a good model but you’re too short

can you smile yes that’s it i think you could be on the cover of this magazine but you really have to clean up child you look like a dog town mop head skater boy

those nails you’ve chewed them to your shoulders look i have to take a break my boss might give me a raise but i feel that he just might leave his wife for me tomorrow

Grady, don’t tell your mom she’s my best friend and i think she would worry here’s her order and some make up for you we all have the demons jumping out of us and soon the scars of sin we carry in will come up to the surface

Artwork by Kira


el sol hoy es mujer

con un vestido de arco iris

las bestias de toda especie

se mezclan en el desierto ajeno

a todo lo que amo mas

los dioses de las estrellas

nacen y mueren en el mismo suspiro

pero lo que no cuentan

es que un suspiro es una eternidad

los ríos correrán de abajo a arriba

y la civilización esta clavada en una nube

fuera de mi alcance

pero a lo que veo

es mejor así

enterrarme en la arena

Arte cortesia de Kira/art by Kira


o sol hoje é mulher

com um vestido de arco-íris

as bestas de todos os tipos eles

se misturam no deserto alienígena

a tudo que eu amo mais

os deuses das estrelas

eles nascem e morrem no mesmo suspiro

mas o que não conta é que um suspiro é uma eternidade

os rios correrão de baixo para cima

e civilização está preso em uma nuvem

fora do meu alcance

mas o que eu vejo

é melhor assim

me enterre na areia


the sun is a woman today

with a rainbow dress

the beasts of all kinds

mix in the alien desert

with everything i love the most

the gods of the stars

they are born and die in the same sigh

but what they don’t say

is that a sigh is an eternity

the rivers will run from bottom to top

and civilization is stuck in a cloud

out of my reach

but how i see it

it’s better that way

bury me in the sand


Artist: Kira



my back

train is coming

across the tracks slowly

the songs of birds echoed

as i fell seven feet deep across the

mountain where the red tail hawk she greeted me with a gown of platinum jade and jasper and in her sigh  

a woman mounted on Pegasus came to bless me she said to me the kingdom came and here we have the honorable nine dancing maidens whose Queendom we will share with you our guest

i raised my arms in disbelief and asked to be transported to the Southwest Museum where i was going the hawk she swooped and lifted me to show me the holy fields of rapture

we can arrange to take you back said the little maiden with tail of gold but we ask for a favor

you and your clan we hope respect the

remains of our sacred ancestors

i nodded yes and

in a flash

woke up