Thetis’ ascension

the soul of water

is smoke as she rises to

heaven’s lobby door

Pic by mbrazfield (c) 2019


my forest concrete

slabs winding wires swing high

moon down we whisper

Photo by mbrazfield 2019


love is fierce in me

the dawn no longer scares me

strength fever wrought me


water cold serene

then the holy light appears

rebirth i am pure


coping with the pain

of the shame i feel today

hold me in support

haiku for JP

marvelous are your

eyes full of ancient wisdom

so terrific comes

grady’s haiku

a twisted twig i

am not worthy of your cross

Rabbi gather me

body parts

for a wild Irish boy

tempest in your name

wild love ripples through my soul

tease me rowdy wind


chaos in our blood

sunrise joins our hungry mouths

zen entwines our flesh