Yonder, stands and other notes…

As the prospect grows

 “Hi there, my friend, and what is your name?” questioned a golden birdlike woman. After so many years, the child grew older, but recalled the woman’s words sounding like water drops plopping into a hollow aluminum sink.

“Grady,” answered the child. She played with her fat Crayola colors that were carefully laid out over the baby blue plastic bed cover like surgical tools. The girl fidgeted in spurt like motion while innocently touching the tiny little lambs imprinted on the bedding with her plump curious fingers.

“My name is Dr. Nancy.” The birdlike woman smiled at the pudgy, pig-tailed almost four year-old.

“Those are pretty kitties you’re drawing.” tweeted the doctor.

“Thank you.” Whispered the girl.

After the formalities, the child noticed the eight points on the dark blue hat atop the police officer in the exam room. She too caught the eye of the Asian woman cradling files, a Kodak and wearing smudged pink lipstick.

“Her name is Darla ; her uncle calls her Grady.” quivered the officer.

“I’m going to take a look at your owee, o.k.?” apologized the doctor.

Little Grady handed the police man the ‘pretty kitties.’ She saw the officer’s eyes and nose turn red like an aging mango as he left the room. The child noticed wooden Mother Goose cut outs on the wall but nailed her focus on Humpty Dumpty.


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