spare change

sunset and hyperion are getting more and more difficult to tread without thinking of the future. there’s an old man who wanders about from children’s hospital to the 99 cent store daily endlessly. sometimes he has a trashy cart and sometimes he has a paper cup. he isn’t aggressive, but his solitude and physical starvation hang on him like demons decomposing the viewer’s soul. i see him and in my heart i thank him. i’ve even given him a few tithes, both in the way of money and food. he says nothing, only stretches out his humble hand to receive the pittance i’ve offered. i thank him for receiving my “help”, for allowing me to be good and kind. i suppose without people like him, i could not be who i am sometimes; a half-decent human being. this man cannot be of this world. the word “man” is not serving him justice. but, i am simple minded and this is how i identify this holy creature. i suppose in an urban setting one “can” grow distant and apart. living in my birth city, one that i know so well, one that is kindred in my soul for however long it has been around and even past that, Lady Angeles knows it’s hard to keep a soul well fed. this wandering angel or creature keeps me from falling into my own self, he keeps me from a paralyzed heart and for that i am grateful. for as much material comfort that he lacks, he gives me riches that i cannot fathom. there is nothing that he asks for or nothing that anyone can take, if they know what they are looking for. but his gift cannot be seen with the eye, only with the heart and only, if, the heart is humble and open. hyperion was a titan in Greek mythology. the sun will set for everyone eventually, and when it sets for me, i want my spirit to fly and soar very very far into the glory of my God. to me the gift this man brings is a titanic redemption of self and an opportunity to cleanse my spirit of any filth and unholy pride. anchors that could weigh my spirit down when my sun set beckons.

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