Werdin Alley



the walls

are brick and

yet have witnessed many things

the stains of age are in the page

of the city’s palm the angels speak and demons kick out in laughter

i walk on thorns the books are long and i can’t see anything that breaks the spell of misery’s iron grasp

the worried sunrise comes and shines a light that fades into the cracks of time in the monuments to lethargic progress and flowers bloom in screens of doom and shots are too quickly taken

unlike Tokpella this alley way has finite space and we all walk in crippling slumber John Wayne won’t get me here

amongst this man made thunder the blood is thin and made of ashes

as i lay the east escapes from me

Pahana you are over due

canyons fell down

life out




i lived another day in you to drown

and what is here before me drowns again

your buildings fall under my feet and birds

flock in this eve of raging guideless light

i love you in my bones to beg for luck

and mercy from a god or anyone

who finds my deadly skin on the edges

of confusion upon the deserts of the found


en las calles veo lo que pasa

los niños juegan y gritan

en cada cabezita una revolución

listo para nacer o seguir

en sus tiendas veo los rostros

de padres, hijos, tíos, primos, hermanos

ojos con desiertos

manos que construyen pirámides modernas

en sus manos veo lo que es sufrir

llorar sin hacer un ruido reír sin sentirse con gusto

sonar sin esperanza

y en su corazón perder su latido


nas ruas vejo o que acontece

as crianças brincam e gritam

em cada cabezita uma revolução

pronto para nascer ou seguir

em suas lojas eu vejo os rostos

de pais, filhos, tios, primos, irmãos

olhos com desertos

mãos que constroem pirâmides modernas

em suas mãos eu vejo o que é sofrer

chore sem fazer um barulho rir sem se sentir como

som sem esperança

e no seu coração perder o seu batimento


in the streets i see what happens

children play and shout

in each little mind a revolution

ready to be born or to follow

in your stores i see the faces

of fathers, sons, uncles, cousins, brothers

eyes with deserts

hands that build modern pyramids

in their hands i see what it is to suffer

cry without making a noise laugh without sound

dream without hope

and in your heart lose your heartbeat

Jim Morrison moon

quiet is the street i walk tonight
the lights are all at ease
Casa Blanca star lit sky

with Jim Morrison moon above me

i can’t feel my presence

in your melancholy leave
i can’t feel my pull

in your unfathomable rejection

the river tides are crawling by
in this wilderness of roads
the boulevard is void of sparkle
in the mind a church bell booms

in the highest of these jagged hills
the madness of my love sick dreams contours

slipping into the wicked ground

under the throbbing quiet

Beaudry hosts a saxophone

Bixel lies ahead in candle light

i’ve turned this corner every day

for many needs and wrongs

all to find nothing

without any cause


man creates his prison bars

in rods of dustless time

b.c.s, quantums, leaps, bounds,

seconds, aeons, even Chronicles

and Psalms

          Alphas and Omegas

              terrible endless frontiers

and there You are

               all Light inside of us

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my time was wrong again

she was calm after

i tore her from her family

never did she whimper

as her life bled out from her

and as she slowly perished

the beauty shone in her purity

she still hung on for you

shame grazed me after

she looked at me and smiled

that night my flower passed away

in my cold hand trembling at

the sight of your invisibility

she was a symbol of all you

meant to me

now departing

tonight the great primordial womb

calls me back

the womb she said, “Jacob, my son, it’s time to go.”

dear lost angel please don’t cry

we did agree that we would not be eternal

although the diamond rings in your banking district

are the most precious i’ve ever seen

the rings of Saturn beckon with their greatness

yes, yes my love, i know

how delicious the curves of the lot on Paramount are

but a million platinum words spoken to all of infinity

on the silver screen cannot hold me down

my Lady Queen of Angels

host to all of God’s creations both real and false

purveyor of riots, scandals and botox

cowboys, beaches and dahlias of all colors

the great universe summons

i fall in backwards toward my youth

but not before kissing the great Pacific farewell

to L. Cohen

Leonard fly with me

beyond the gray skies above

with our torn blue coats

your voice coursing through my heart

let’s soar beyond the wire

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