God particle

by Rob Banks

….another slow imprisonment of another

Case of someone’s deranged vicious

intent….silently I remain ill at ease

watching the sickness manifest around


Home is where the hell is…

story of my life…

Carnival music funeral laughter

waiting for impending disaster

if I keep moving I’ll find a way out

but sometimes out

is actually only going further down….

She adorns lofty heights

with the wisdom of angels deep within

her eyes….

Flatlined smile awake all night

torn apart inside

she always takes the time to try

a ghost materialized back into life.

thank you Rob Banks Pope of Punk

for giving me the greenlight to post this

i’ll be in good company ii

my good friend at


added this rockin eulogy! thank you Tim 🤟

Old school class and full of brass
commanding attention with her eyes
A princess who tumbled from the stars
who phoenix-like rose again
Flaming fancy fingered magic
on ivory burned bright to the last note
A legend who lived life on his own terms
abrading our ears with his throaty roar
A giant though in stature small
who;s voice and horns pierced us all
forever they will soar together among the stars
may they alight as one on the silver mountain

Guest Post

want to share with my WP community a completely unexpected but beautiful and uplifting comment left on my last post by the awesome timsmind390256655.wordpress.com please check his site out tre cool

to answer one must know the question and have the courage to give an answer or not Mother is sending a message will we hear it will we heed it the birds still sing and even if they stop and we are no more She will start the chorus anew to be heard by new ears all is not yet lost we will learn to be better the birds song is not the only song that would be a shame to lose i hear your song too

thanks friend 🙂