America my bride

my flight parallels the clown’s tribulation what to do serenity


the gray shadows tiptoe and sob  just outside my mind


willingly i sink in your hands im tired peace flood over me


although you called me stupid i didn’t hesitate at the liquor cabinet tonight


Mercy, nourish the brilliance of my tarnished soul


the book of me is in my eyes, read with courageous love

after the burial

the wind swept my hair as the lady bug flew from my hand


the sun and the moon

shine simultaneously beyond the pale

rotating wildly then dreadful silence

to Salvador D

the water around the tunnel
does not let out until noon.
while the flies wait,
dirty fruit from last night poses.
the news has not changed
my image is wrinkled still.


holy lonesomeness
let’s not make love tonight
i’m so tired and i want to
go to sleep