mommy issues

it drips and mingles

marries with the blood

soothsayer to what comes

slashes through the confusion

of the heart ethics

of good and not

so much evil is

her delicious name i

a groupie of her’s

claimed soul punch the

mirror to break the

soul it’s cloaked in

tones of luke warm

vengeance clouded in the

wine and chemicals entwined

don’t need your knife

to stab my back

i can self destruct

in searing pleasure do

you know what love

is i didn’t think

so and words fall

from your corpsely lips

corrupting my intentions to

provide a safety switch

to the runaway train

that is my conscience

rage and anger exotic

sisters of pain and

trickery demons extraordinaire in

the doctrine of auto

annihilation i rebuke myself

turn to junkydom cliff

for Moses

coming out from the

wilderness to witness sky

pewters and silvers God’s

reaching to me i

hear a broken whisper

sliding down the rays

of blessed light night

waiting to spread her

wings over the trees

that will house His

knowledge gifted to us

horse of another color

when the black sky

squats on these shoulders

heavy full of doubt

and the feet tangle

in ropes of thorn

devil daughters their name

fear guilt shame rage

my pony not pretty

and soft big brown

eyes full of hope

dark horse my companion

to need

sometimes my convictions are

not enough to soothe

the pain of the

weight of life so

i go into my

closet dig in my

cardboard box where i

keep the rosary i

found in the mud

behind one of the

homes i grew up

he loves me not

i go away tomorrow

will you not love

me three times tonight

i’ll come again to

hold your hand but

we never know our

fate or luck and

if we come to

stay for a few

hours more then what

will change in us

for Sally and Giorgio

echoes in soft violet

the hem of your

second wedding dress off

to bury your soldier

and marry the promise

of loneliness which is

heavier now at the

beginning of your widowness

and the threshold of

motherhood the only joy

in your frozen heart

Photo courtesy of Sue Vincent

my two dollar Bible

words sacred

the world

commits fratricide

for and

over you

since the

Breath released

the first

prokaryote upon

Tierra’s face

to serve

as a

guide and

as a

fate to

one and

all souls

you and

i are

one in

kind my

dearest treasure

shattering obsidian

bone pain

and angst

the clouds

roll by

gray i

can see

them in

the night

sky i’ve

become numb

mute deaf

blind to

your poisonous

dark soul

as i

want to

rip myself

in half

rather than

lash out

and become

like you

King of Reseda


the freeway born from the night womb into father mourning


atrophic heart of mine trouble beating an eternity waiting for


to come find me lost on the path of poet


valley heat hungry eyes salty tears still trusting in love

-for Beatle John

Seth 2: the brick pillar

dawn-kissed landscape with shadowed, snow-covered hills in the distance.
Photo courtesy of Sue Vincent


first son of little lost girl with a lion heart


you see the sky goes on forever like your homeruns


you played dusty little knees bat nestled in tiny hands


fields and blue skies trees to climb yours now eternally