good morning mother i’m inside of your womb this is

the first time that i’ve noticed it it’s blue with

gray cotton candy covering father Sun drenches me with Holy

Light and spindly arms grow strong my legs regenerated it feels good to be

mommy issues

it drips and mingles

marries with the blood

soothsayer to what comes

slashes through the confusion

of the heart ethics

of good and not

so much evil is

her delicious name i

a groupie of her’s

claimed soul punch the

mirror to break the

soul it’s cloaked in

tones of luke warm

vengeance clouded in the

wine and chemicals entwined

don’t need your knife

to stab my back

i can self destruct

in searing pleasure do

you know what love

is i didn’t think

so and words fall

from your corpsely lips

corrupting my intentions to

provide a safety switch

to the runaway train

that is my conscience

rage and anger exotic

sisters of pain and

trickery demons extraordinaire in

the doctrine of auto

annihilation i rebuke myself

turn to junkydom cliff

for Moses

coming out from the

wilderness to witness sky

pewters and silvers God’s

reaching to me i

hear a broken whisper

sliding down the rays

of blessed light night

waiting to spread her

wings over the trees

that will house His

knowledge gifted to us