7th eden

opening my eyes for the first time

the old 3rd street bridge is unrecognizable

it’s been a long 300 years since

i walked through here in my youth

when we had reached the peak of

refining weapons of mass destruction mostly us

my blue spirit spans from one end

to the other end of the tunnel

i appreciate nature’s knitted emerald life blanket

layered over you so tenderly melodious brook

the perfect Elysium reward for those soldiers

who laid down their generation defending you

sooty vestiges of city hall no longer

haunt the fledgling Eden i rejoice inside

as the trees speak a new creation

stones banks and plants sit in convocation

while they wait for the new children

Photo courtesy of Sue Vincent

terminal lucidity

she lays down often

now that summer is hotter

her dewy jade eyes

are fading faster

into a darkness behold

Mother’s heart beats less

her skin now scented

of decay and loneliness

she saw her future

Photo Courtesy of Tumblr

progress rethunk

sun sets by the park

ducks whose proud necks extend high

fought the urban wars

on Wilshire blvd



and white far

away castles

in the platinum

forest painted silver

then the city bus belches

toxic filth into my lungs that

plead wildly and gasp for mercy then

catching my breath and thank the stars i’m home

solo ella

me puedes cerrar llenarme de bardas

encarcelar a mis hijos

los trópicos de virtud

me puedes prohibir libertad

robarme el aire

puedes envenenar mis lagos

asesinar mis volcanes

destruir mis montanas

derramar todos mis mares

aprisionar mis nubes y las estrellas también

negarme a los dioses y santos

quemar mis veredas negarme el campo

podrás apagar mi sol y la luna

abortar a mis milagros y todas mis flores

cierta mente puedes herirme y terminar

con mis hijos enyerbar mis ojos

cortar mis venas y explotar mis riquezas

podrás negarme los secretos celestiales

y un simple trago de agua

pero nunca vencerás el amor de una madre

só ela

você pode me fechar me encher de cercas

aprisionar meus filhos

os trópicos da virtude

você pode me banir da liberdade

roubar minha respiração

você pode envenenar meus lagos

mate meus vulcões

destruir minhas montanhas

derrame todos os meus mares

aprisionar minhas nuvens

e as estrelas também

negar-me aos deuses e santos

queima minhas trilhas me negam

o campo você pode desligar meu sol

o lua abortar meus milagres

e todas as minhas flores

certamente você pode me machucar

e terminar com meus filhos

meus olhos cortar minhas veias

e explorar minhas riquezas

você pode me negar os segredos celestiais

e uma simples bebida de água

mas você nunca vai conquistar

o amor de uma mãe

only her

you can close me off with fences

imprison my children

the tropics of virtue

you can ban me from freedom

steal my breath

you can poison my lakes

kill my volcanoes

destroy my mountains

spill all of my seas

imprison my clouds and the stars too

deny me the gods and saints

burn my trails

deny me the field

you can turn off my sun and the moon

abort my miracles and all of my flowers

certainly you can hurt me

and finish off my children

cut my eyes cut my veins and exploit my riches

you can deny me the heavenly secrets

and a simple drink of water

but you will never conquer the love of a mother


here we are sisters

with foot firmly on the ground

our arms extended

to the north paying homage

wind take our prayers to God

Photo courtesy of Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo Blog


fresh green jewel eyes

tiptoeing through the garden

watch your children grow
babes cling to your breast 

nourishing their tender souls

stretch out their tendrils
the dawn crawls to you

threatening beast that cuts you down

your seed have scattered 





stand here

in front of

you i a warrior

of truth and justice

angel of mercy that

i am by the water of

redemption and everlasting

life child of holy light forever

mighty soldier spirit freedom fighter

sent by the will of the Almighty Ghost

to protect you from your enemies

and to protect them from your greed

i am the innocent one

filled with the strength of love

conquering all that

harms you Mother

keeper of

us all



Photo prompt May 7 to May 13, 2019



Mr. Walt

how are you

i’m at Whole Foods

nature and wholesomeness now vacuumed packed

i daydreamed of you while my cell phone crashed

i can’t feel me

tortured girl

i miss



you wrote

about it

my feet have turf

pictures of log cabins stored in a box

at the natural museum deemed worthless

Walt my spirit

aches for time

with you


physics, interrupted

the apple trees died last winter sitting on the front porch watching the bird bath go green with time’s CO2 no apples no birds they went away forever until three years from now it’s times like this when i think of Dr. Hawking and his warning to Geneva in a most conventional way we don’t know what we don’t but we know we shouldn’t  but still we do being made in His image what does it mean when we create in tubes surpassing victor frankenstein shriveled are the avenues showered in teeny asteroids that take our minds to the false heaven while we float in our own shit and we land hard but we won’t cure cancer and while the pipelines feed our need to ride free man i mean really free at what cost and my wild beasts are wild no more floating away on sheets of ice as seen on tv on the front porches of the brownstones on Union Avenue  i miss the apples