with a gardenia

in your laborer’s hand

you placed the flower

upon her feet

from way behind in the

cool church i went to

think about my

troubles with DMV

a broken AC

a splintered hair

you bowed your head

to reach into a

thread bare breast pocket

and in between your

crackled thumb and

arthritic finger

emerged a picture

of your bye-gone

grand daughter

the miracle of faith

leapt in my heart

that one eye of God

peering from the years of worn

  child love fills up the aura

 God has looked upon me

tiny giant’s hands that have built

            epochs and eras of mad love

for life in free range cages

    i now come face to face with me

with a perfect mirror   and my

   fears and crazy  inexpressible

love with madness of fever

     i at long lost have been


in one single  



today i open my eyes and rise to another day. it’s a special day and i am grateful. so many hours, so many days have come and gone. i am grateful for that too. for in that time frame i have become a little wiser or at least better able to survive. i worry that in the process of survival i will forget to dream. you have always cradled my dreams alameda street. today is extra special with Our Lady Queen of Angels hosting all of the believers who also survive in any way they can. i can afford some day-dreaming and wasting of time, but those days are slowly withering away, eroding like the bricks on your side my Lady. with faith you were risen and from these rocks and clay; from faith i was allowed to be born, but a different path had to be followed so that i might be here right now. had a more popular road been chosen for me, i would not be here with you fair Queen. now in your smog and your electric heat and rules and stop lights, i will faithfully rise again tomorrow and spill out unto the alameda once more.