R 12:9 to 13

the wood peels from the shanks of the inside of the ghost temptation rots teeth grind in the daymare of desperate desire the room with no view the floor is on fire and the sea she is angry boiling up to the chair of judgment it’s not your time yet the mistress and her kin invade my gossypium cabin fever out i say no room in my nightmare you would not understand day three the muscles stalactites reaching up to a god out to lunch remember holy time is different than human seven heads are better than none my hands in outer space the heart percolates in mother’s Turkish coffee pot ssshhh she doesn’t know licking out to anything that moves without a pulse to send some help a little bump a little drop a little cup to ease lubricate the crumbling road to the reality of seals breaking slowly

grady’s haiku

a twisted twig i

am not worthy of your cross

Rabbi gather me

meu destino final

Picture courtesy of Sue Vincent

at last arrival

after having traveled far

the mists welcome me

goddess to the Lord

silent trees in your palace

Earth’s road guides me in

by standing still my

soul witnessed the majesty

grace that lights His cloak

float i do down the

path to see my loves again

the human gauze falls

at long last from my

eyes that i may see my truth

and pain disappears

dama de fogo



your beating

laughing rhythm

burns the fire of

joy like no other at

watching the delft blue beyond

spread away in grandeur pageant

so the lady of the golden light

may dance for the ushers of Nirvana

Photo courtesy of Sue Vincent

my two dollar Bible

words sacred

the world

commits fratricide

for and

over you

since the

Breath released

the first

prokaryote upon

Tierra’s face

to serve

as a

guide and

as a

fate to

one and

all souls

you and

i are

one in

kind my

dearest treasure




i’m that girl

this Eden is

very beautiful

i’ve crawled on my belly

since the time of the Pharaohs

and i’m feeling deeply tired

today i make the case that gifting

me free will does not compare to heaven

when i close my eyes the cries of Mary

still echo in my ears while Martha’s

brother slumbers wrapped in linens

and the taste of chocolate

melting joy on my tongue

careless angels send

Your blessed signs


i am



willingly i sink in your hands im tired peace flood over me

the meaning of us

slow frail time nears us

old i as you are parting

new i takes over                   



desert you look very pretty in your tender green veil

it’s been a while since i was here visiting you

inner struggle and rebirth brought me to your boulder bosom

i see my brothers the Joshua Trees have gotten taller

therefore waving more lost children toward your safety dear friend

oh and the hares and wood peckers they still look

me over with caution and pity they sense my spirit

is still shackled in some ways but they are right

i’m just a human mother Joshua but how are you

i’ve brought you great news there will be rain later

this evening that rock you say yes that will be

good shelter the tiny lizard queen is a great hostess

the breath of your slate tinged skies is beginning to

smell like wet earth just like my grandmother’s hair when

as a babe i’d grab fistfuls and put it in

my mouth yet i don’t know how i can remember

her we were both too young when she had to

go up to the silver stars above my head oh

mother Joshua did you tell Oma to come and visit

there you see she’s the one next to Venus smiling

at me hey little ants get off my cake here

i’ll place it by your hill take it to your

queen my regards to her and now my eyes focus

to see the splendor of the ocotillo fire red blossoms

held up to the peacock sky and i breathe deeply

terminal lucidity

she lays down often

now that summer is hotter

her dewy jade eyes

are fading faster

into a darkness behold

Mother’s heart beats less

her skin now scented

of decay and loneliness

she saw her future

Photo Courtesy of Tumblr