Sun Valley ’77

rocket pops blue tongues

raspberry lemon salute

sweetness in my soul

bitter beer hot dog

smoke woodsy lingers in my

pony tail swooshing

the hogs growl as the

jean and leather veterans’

eyes well up with Taps

the leathery feel

of my uncle’s tired hands

while i trace his scars

a little young girl

did see the poignant pain in

his tribulations

for ever brothers

gone away heroes to the

Elysium Fields


trees blink allowing the weepy sun to pock the ground round the valley the hares brown and gray with little tan lizards checking out the wheels stuck in the mud walking around and away from my folks i find the skeletons of creatures grown old waiting in peace not knowing how curious i am to touch the tufts of fur left on their bleached bones the air sleeps and doesn’t caress my hair but i don’t mind being more wild than it for a change


the machine was old and mean pulled back handle bars American Flag distressed were the rides up and down Ventura Boulevard and into the deepness of Sun Valley party time AC/DC now and forever rowdy wives with livers made of steel mechanical ponies the moving parts yelling at the sky laughing liberty cries the dream was fought for no agent here orange or otherwise free baby be free we are your family and bandanas back then hid no bullets implicities and explicities were fought with fist of bone and skin love hard brains last intuition in the middle we are all brothers here vested leather and denim soldiers rock and roll gods women of the temple riding smoking to the ground while the sons of no fortune rode into the sunset of my eyes and your loving arm wrapped around my 3 year old shoulder praying for me