an appointment

all he wants is mother
cool hair dark shades
crip color representative
who can never go back
eyes black soul pale
little child lost
on his neck and throat
over his hands and arms
details of alternative
birth certificate needled
in prison ink
the grimace a schizophrenic pull
dear boy who smiles for me
and cheeks contort
to hide the tears
of anger and pain
a story unraveled

just another day

mbrazfield (c) 2022

just another day
there are things
that are meant
to he secret
there are codes
that are followed
and no one
knows the meaning
or how the
human drama will
be played out
perhaps there will
be murder or
the sale of
drugs there will
be money to
be made no
matter what the
cost of it

the other stars

at night with the party of stars
the stars in the sky i mean

i sit in quiet tender happiness
on the summer eve sidewalk of Sunset and Vine

my eyes scan the shoes
some old some new
there is history in the step
some style some regrets

at night when traffic dies
buses groan and open their doors
warm freon stink hisses
no one exits they just sit

my hands play
with blue Bic pens and loose sheets
their surface wrinkled tears
happiness of simple truths recorded there

at dawn barley curtains fall
the stars have took their bows
coffee’s bitter cocoa moan
stirs my knees and center

in the newness of the old city yawn
where i died lived and was born
onto this place where my soul has soaked in this world is my happiness

faces looking up

precious shards of angel tears
above the Staples Center skyline
a helicopter or two
green heavy military
did you see the angels’ lace
made of colors not yet named
on the ground concrete pillows
bricks pipes crossing lines
multiplying multitudes
faces looking up
to wonder
how the rainbow got it’s high
its virtue and its glow
xray visions time flows through
yet we don’t know
we are the spectrum of it all