truth or chance


my heart

tumble it

beating for you

gamble take the risk don’t make me wait long

Russian roulettes corner me black on red

kiss me where it

hurts me more

then go



lip deep

i love you

not today dare

to be a fool you might win the game prize

i’m willing to pawn my life for a mere

cold twist of fate

we might find

that we



the wind is beautiful soft blue

tonight the moon is quiet just a giggle in a hush

i wait and i call in my thoughts they are impetuous children

while my soul walks on sunset’s shores alone

the sewers carry my logic atop the roads i see the cliffs

down to the ocean gravity tolls a bell

where i wait in the dark for Venus to glow

where i feel your salty cold hands in a fast fading memory

in my imagination cherry tree in symphony

deep down in the last hope hands no longer clasped

of my heart i know not where or what to say

the trance broken by an old girl

starry are her purple eyes

she asks for a smoke

smiling i shrug my shoulders

she comforts me for not having the vice

little does she know

the habit of you  in my soul

inhibits my mind



for much of my youth i went from one corner of Hollywood to another the moon a constant companion except when she had to escort the beautiful ones in being a juvenile vagabond laid a certain freedom but too much of it lead to complicated cages at 17 with about two packs of everything bad on a daily i flourished in education book and otherwise yet i couldn’t remember much of my childhood it might have been a good thing nevertheless i loved my freedom to drink or stare at antiquities at the museum for hours and hours or maybe sleep in the library and eat onion rings at Astro’s the beach was nice at 1 p.m. on Tuesdays i really loved the hand of the wind on my shoulder and the seagulls chasing me as i threw crumbs of French baguette at them oh how i smiled and laughed

fortune teller

the sticks under my bare feet are wet

with dew from the shore below i’ve

walked and have spoken silence

to my mind and cannot

reconcile or come

to an accord

sing to me




the round drop

rolls down      a breeze of air slips by

the world ends    and begins again

on the edge of the sun

the tarot cards

they say things will be good

the suns and the deaths

keep showing up

and my breath it cuts short

they say to hang on but

to let go of my addiction

to the one i ask for

the pressure of faith is insurmountable

in the middle of the night

when the fear is greater

i draw a fool

going nowhere in a circle

Geronimo on the way to the fair

balmy sweeps of crusty air circle your pinky bike facing me
swooshing by our old galaxy eyes lock
and the heavens swirl about me slow-like
Amir asks why i go the way i go
and i can only answer like your palomino did
dead eye girl Geronimo it is you i know
half a mile up we smell the food of your enemies
blowing south to the seas of cactus
to the west the pale horse peddles in fire water and gold

Geronimo in young girl cloak bronze face
with ancient snakes of worry
oh Lizard King forgive me your blue Amir rides with me tonight through your love streets
which were originally mines alone
remarkable girl-Kachina i do admire your courage
on the corner sitting on that pinky be-wheeled palomino
dying slowly slowly slowy a tiny bit a day

Geronimo in your eye
ghost molecules need penetrate my blood with artificial healing
that Philadelphia bell tolls nine
women spirits whose skies rip open oozing snake oil gods
to slither in my soul
choking out our spirit through scattered thoughts
rusty lights broken smile dream dropper
Lizard King hotness in my bones
sonic pulsing in my ears typing on electric stones
thinking of learning to drive the reigns
Geronimo girl eye pinky palomino i in blood
to the fair with the flags inky pinky vibes
broken veins broken flowers jesters laughing
deer dances hidden ghosts at the shin of the God so long ago roaming in this tired wind
ride little Geronimo eyed girl
the cactus
the sky
the gold
and the King
sit for you in corners to catch you riding west forever…