China Bowl Express

look no further for the Maya
all are here happy healthy
bright eyed with fallacies shared by us all

sharing the martyrdom of our vices
look no further i have found them in the kids the pregnant tamalera the foxy dragged-out boys with their sexy telenovela Spanglish bereft of any Chilam Balamisms

i found them in the soccer shops the beer joints and the CVS’s  i found them at the depots and outside of the sweat shops
the Maya are all here dressed in Catholic nylons and 4 dollar shoes. veiled, feeding pigeons, praying for me as i’m walking by

that i unlike them will be spared by our God
i found the Maya queens laden with ten babes of love i found them enthralled by the neon signs i found them hanging on to street light poles placing paper printed email hoping for some hope

i found them lacking malice plugged out and tuned in to what could be for them. listening to Narco Banda and feeding on china bowl express

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