leaf blower man

it’s any day just like most in the street. parking to catch a thought. eating stale popcorn. my eye catches his. and in a most graceful wave he cleans ten yards of debris off the sidewalk in 3 seconds. i wonder as i sit there. captivated by the tumbling snack cake wrappers empty Whopper boxes and dried up leaves why he does what he does. what can possibly motivate and move him to blow leaves all day long. i drive from one place to another. what is his raison d’etre, survival or life? there is a dignity in his movement and a look of gratitude for those leaves and for that gathered filth. my dignity sinks to the bottom of my heels as thoughts of complain swell in my head. i am frustrated. tipping his hat with a sincere smile he walks away to his truck. sweetly and carefully as one would handle a new baby he puts his blower away. i stuff my squirming colicky thoughts in my soul and sit as still as i had been for hours. i learned that day that my motivation lacks nobleness and that i have much more wisdom to gather from the leaf blower man.

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