gravity bends light

punishes it

forces the very substance of life

within it and without

so here i sit

i am alone amongst a sea of people

whose thoughts and beats in their heart

are dark and unbent

untouched by fire or lightning bolt

there is no gravity

that bends them to action

to feel the orgasmic scorch

of that flicker from the God

their punishment is different

they are free

nothing bends them

nothing molds them

not a thought

or a ray of golden light

wrought by guidance

free to die in the breeze

in the forest of artificial sight



unharnessed by love

gravity pulls me

from the forest of them

from the shore of that sea

gravity tugs me

and when she angers

catapults me into a place

of where light brands

the cells in my blood

so i can express

to the daughters of fire

in the mid of night

where there are no numbers

a star is trillions of steps from me

i have been walking forever

and have not left this field of flesh

and in so being captive here


becomes the father of my children

tends to our walking

steadily toward the goddess

the star

her name is faith

and i am still

courted by the sea

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