now departing

tonight the great primordial womb

calls me back

the womb she said, “Jacob, my son, it’s time to go.”

dear lost angel please don’t cry

we did agree that we would not be eternal

although the diamond rings in your banking district

are the most precious i’ve ever seen

the rings of Saturn beckon with their greatness

yes, yes my love, i know

how delicious the curves of the lot on Paramount are

but a million platinum words spoken to all of infinity

on the silver screen cannot hold me down

my Lady Queen of Angels

host to all of God’s creations both real and false

purveyor of riots, scandals and botox

cowboys, beaches and dahlias of all colors

the great universe summons

i fall in backwards toward my youth

but not before kissing the great Pacific farewell

6 thoughts on “now departing

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