on Hill st.

she knocked over the bottles but made it up the drawer to the mirror on the shelf my tabby is alive

the helicopters rumble through the smoky skies the news vans are ready for the close up the tents the chalks the body bags three hours after the big bang

right behind the liquor bank debris in the alley empty Old English bottles and some candy wrappers big hot Cheetos Big Mac box

i saw some guy take a noisy shit on the corner of King street and wipe it off with the LA times i closed the gray gingham curtains

i’m never really sure when the psych meds will kick in but i don’t care as long as i can hear the Garcia’s next door just in case they get drived by since mother had a stroke and lost control over her boys

i do have all i need i don’t mind the four am sirens at five am i’m still not sleeping looking out my fire escape balcony the LA Rams play tomorrow and Dignity Health wants to cure my everything

5 thoughts on “on Hill st.

  1. This is spot on the truth.

    “i saw some guy take a noisy shit on the corner of King street and wipe it off with the LA times i closed the gray gingham curtains”

    You reminded me of something. I’ll share with you. True story.

    Back in 2004. I was hanging out with this old friend of mine. We took the metro rapid bus to Downtown L.A. as the bus was driving around. We saw this man taking a piss in the middle of the street. No cops or nothing. That was one.

    Another story was somewhat recent in the beginning of the year.

    My girlfriend and I, love taking a drive to Downtown at night. We passed by ‘The Last bookstore’ and we hit a red light. This homeless man asked for a dollar. So we gave him a dollar but he started to look at my girlfriends purse and demanded we give him more money. And we told him nicely no, and he continued to follow my car and demanded more money and then, I kind of yelled and said no and he stopped following and I drove away. A lot of people we’re watching and I look back and he did it to more people.

    A lot of crazy things happen all around here in L.A. especially violence in the streets which my girlfriend and I, have seen a lot. It’s sad and very depressing.

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