time out

i’ve made you angry

i question not to judge

not to hold accountable

it’s just self preservation

i refuse to die of a venereal disease

a few months back i had a crush

i cast out my fisher girl’s fly

you nibbled i invited

you ignited a fire that spread too quickly

you an excellently talented lay

me a very willing convenience fuck

from the beginning of the race

my stats were clearly posted

of broad mind and precocious personality

but i only make you angry

when i really don’t mind

if you suck the neighbor’s cock

i’m cool if you want exploration

don’t politicize the situation babe

let me remind you for your record

you came on your own to me

i’ll take the tumble with some protection

a girl needs some stress release too

but don’t give me bullshit excuses

when you know what i’ve been through

i’m crushing on your lustful ways

and the sweetness that you randomly give

when we lock lips and genitals

the gods above do sing

you can get angry at me

for leaving you mid way

i’ll overlook a lot of things

but don’t think that for a second

you’ll have me as your slave

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