thanks, Toots

dear Reina Señora de Los Ángeles

thank you for the myriad places

that sprang forth from your womb

beautiful whore open to all

from east north west south

thank you for your alleys overgrown with trash

and dirty smoky bars that only take cold cash

thank you for the pruned faced

multinational hookers

who tuck until they’re blue

and thanks for Hillel’s guitar

and X and punk rock hungry bands

i love to look at my reflection

in the puddles of the damned

and thank you for letting me slip away

from La Chata and La Sad Girl at Lil Chuy’s wake

thank you for the tacos sushi and McRib

colonics pilates and knock off designer shoes

and the beggar at every freeway exit

who cleans my windshields with his shame

thank you for the Salvadoran Iranian and Korean

who managed to call the fire men

to save the homeless Viet Nam veteran

while the GOP and DNC

squabble over shit

my Queen misguided angels by your feet

thank you for my complexity

for surviving my last fix

i appreciate you looking over me

thank you for the high end malls

fake nails lip fillers fat cell freezers

and my beloved 99 cent stores

the beaches and the valleys

the mountains and the roads

and for all the hardened gutters

you softened for me to sleep in

the soul we are your people

good bad papered or unwrapped

we are all your seeking children

but i’m your only brat

11 thoughts on “thanks, Toots

    • it’s all a mess but this is more of a defiant piece i see the beauty in the puddle the reflection of the human spirit i enjoy and learn from the poor the rich the smart the ignorant and they have all offered me acknowledgment whether they like me or hate me as advanced and backward as LA is as a people we survive i now accept the fact that i am responsible for my own actions that i have that power on the other hand my actions can uplift or drag down myself or others in the media it does seem like all is lost but in real life Angelenos still have their self and that’s something that cant too easily be taken away i feel concern for the ones in charge it’s sad to spend life being out of touch with folks which leads me to think they are out of touch with themselves it’s like losing ones soul…thanks for commenting and visiting friend i truly appreciate it xo

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