King Eddy study (i)

riley-so how long you hangin out i’d like to show you somethin

grady-since you put it that way i might stay here and wash their plates

riley-Jesus woman you’re harsh i’m jus lookin for some fun i got let out of Wayside two days ago

grady-really i walked out of Tarzana this morning

riley-oh well yeah i was in for stealing cars and i punched my ol lady but it was self defense you see

grady-(forcing smile and nodding raising eye brows)

riley-so can you help me out a little you’re really cute i’m clean as a whistle too

grady-(forcing smile and nodding raising eye brows)

riley-you wanna beer

grady-no thanks i don’t like it

riley-(inching closer to grady and smiling) wuddah ya like then (wiggling eyebrows up and down)


riley-ok yeah but afore we order drinks you wanna go out back to the alley we can poke around

grady-ummm what for what are we looking for

riley-(lets out frustrated giggle like Frank Booth) i mean to do it i’m horny you’re really nice

grady-yeah but no i’ll pass i’m waitin for my man you know there might be some good time girls on Central by 4th ask for Melva she’s cool people

riley-(pulls back looks at grady up and down) aint you a whore

grady-naw man i’m a college kid with lots of problems and lots of friends in very low and dark places (winks at riley) so get the fuck outta my face (forced smile sips ginger ale puffs at clove)

riley-(gets off bar stool as he sucks his teeth and looks grady up and down)so you think you’re better than me then huh stupid cunt

grady-(gives bouncer O’Neal the tap out look and blows kiss at riley)

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