gold line passes through there

four tribes meet and they have been for longer than i can ever know

one Meso one Afro one Europe one Orient peoples beautiful all

same hearts one dream different strokes same same same

the bridge is there she lays on her mighty back we cross not just concrete slabs but worlds too

colors flavors scents labor dignity and the human ego of course

united by segregation of their color segregated from each other by being throw an occasional bone starving of their soul

but upon closer honest sober observation on days of rainbows i can see where the tears are stitched to form the Nation where i stand

we are Los Angeles

riots marches torn down houses strikes children centers Lakers unity churches merchants Mexican chop suey Columbian Korean fusion Woody’s ribs Lupe’s tacos Italian house Red Hot Chili Peppers surfers boarders models ballers

the four directions on the 4th street bridge and what it’s come to be and what we’ve become by it is the rainbow children of our Lady

so before the Hall keepers House gablers blues reds and judge and juries request your seats mind and remember

Porciuncula and her kids do lead and ever will this vast kaleidoscope table

11 thoughts on “4th

  1. As a 30 year still “intern” living in L. A. I loved this and shared with my family who, quite contrary to what others may say, still love this crazy, as you say, “kaleidoscope” of a place. This was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! about a place that I will always have a love / hate relationship with, but will always look for ways to love, more than hate. Your poem really helped tip the scales to I Love L.A. for me today. Thank you.

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    • Thank you for the soul fortifying words Jane. I was born here and have decided to die here LA is in my blood. I am infuriated by what government and media do to her, but shes my home a d will always defend her ❤❤❤ thanks for reading and visiting friend xo

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  2. Excellent. Beautiful. I love the “four directions on the fourth street bridge” and earlier in this piece “the four tribes meet” – Are you aware of the indigenous (first nations/native american) medicine wheel and the four sacred colors? If not, please google those phrases and take a look. Your words invoked that wheel.

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