17 thoughts on “Sisters Erisian

  1. Hey. This is so strange, so alien, so beautiful, isn’t it.
    The collision of colours (and, actually, shapes)
    is almost too much to bear – to believe? –
    I often (one often?) thinks of nature, of plants, of flowers,
    as beautiful – but in a traditional and ‘beautiful’ sense –
    but these flowers (these sisters; what are they, G?) go almost ‘against nature’.
    The spiky shapes and (yep) the almost square or rhomboid
    (er, my floral knowledge becomes evidently very limited at this point!) stamen (?).
    And, the colours, of course; alien. And more beautiful for it.


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    • These otherworldly creatures are all vined up at my sister’s back yard. I love odd looking plants as I kid I always imagined that the plants at the natural history museum were from outer space or served as dinosaur food. Underlying fantasy you ask? I wish I would be far away from this world and all of these natural wonders so celestial and from another dimension helped me transport. These happen to be blue passion flowers with a tough of my phone camera. Glad you enjoyed friend. I dedicate these to you 🙂 x

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