English class

from the depot 🙂

words less spoken

oh hey teacher no i’m no poet

no need to give
me your Conklin pen

i’m just a kid from down the nickel loud mouth

skidded knees cigarette

blood upon her

reveler of sunsets
procrastinator in the dawn

i am the honey of her thighs

and the pulsing
bang bang of his gun

but hey psssst mister i
ain’t no poet

bawdy as all hell quiet when i need to be

if some angel fell
in hell

i’ll go fetch em’ Darla
Hood impersonator feeler of the waste

inside their eyes
corny graffiti kids

longing for the
it apps to arrive

liquor store dwelling social services auditor

of her majesty the
street but mister

i assure you mister i ain’t no poet

AC/DC cranker upper
Curtis Mayfield fuck play it louder

poker player chopper rider star watcher little fighter

hey man call me
foolish lady riff raff heart

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