defcons and goddesses

there are yellow flowers honey sweet
butterflies floating in between 
the thorns stick it to the sky
moons on time every month
silver matte and happy
but me thinks now and again
of defcon one through five
911 Cuban crisis kept at bay
yet with clear blue  skies
open enrollment
healthcare packages
named after heroes named
what difference does it do when little girls are getting maimed in mind body soul and spirit
today i watched and saw and read and talked to those who’ve climbed the ladders of success congratulations were in order
at the park the pecan squirrels were fed bits of corn and French bread crumbs
and when i turned my eyes to the west
tired with the wind that blows to burn
again i think of defcon one
and how since Lilith and the Eve
my kind has been regarded
but we’re still here with codes
of our own bestowed upon us
by the goddesses Grace Strength and

5 thoughts on “defcons and goddesses

  1. ooooh, I like this one, allusions to Lilith and Eve, “our kind” and the left margin justification is super — like adding a bit of “shape poem” and a nod to left brain orientation maybe, or Eastern mentality, or maybe just to put us “off center”? 🙂

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    • thank you so much Jane. this was a piece that i wrote in about ten minutes as my offering to women for International Women’s day. and yes those are very very good guesses. i was watching Salt and the president had to activate the defcon codes etc and theres the ultra left brained agent who whoops ass but is driven by her right brained childhood trauma etc… and i came to feel at that time that not much has changed at least not in my immediate witnessing of things at work, in my city, in the news etc. for every strong and talented woman we celebrate there are hundreds still hurting and disrespected of course I’m saying globally i thought about Lilith and Eve nod to the East because so many foundational societal structures and beliefs have come from the East about women but the West has also contributed to my opinions and perceptions of how “our kind” continue to be treated thanks again for reading and visiting 🙂


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