good morning Sylvia

unlike swans she said

no gracefulness in the step

should i drink from jars

the haiku is unwritten

four in the morning
we sip smokey espressos
Joe Strummer and me

monkey haiku psalm to church and Darwin

here look at me i’m

simply complex doing what

He made perfection

dear Hunter S i miss you

southern gentleman

dynamite soul maverick

the canon courts me

cavalo branco


run i desire

freedom between the old bricks

legs bent pale tired


morning frost soft wind

my brittle neck is tied tight

my heart turns timid


freedom is the blood

gallop on fire of strength

now i won the race


you gray eyes dripping

dangerous thoughts i am woman

we just want a bite


just a soft look please

it’s enough to just hold me

want to touch your heart


with warm scarlet tears

she sits sometimes she glances

rosebuds slowly yawn


purple lotus scent

the moon doesn’t hide tonight

see the change in time

Martin’s song

spiritual hear

the march in our blood listen

dont let our dreams die