Thetis’ ascension

the soul of water

is smoke as she rises to

heaven’s lobby door

Pic by mbrazfield (c) 2019


thank You for my life

with all the painful sorrows

Your light shown me through


my forest concrete

slabs winding wires swing high

moon down we whisper

Photo by mbrazfield 2019

rogue harbinger

sky begins to ripe

auld blue soul ushers silent

nesting for the Fall

Photo by Sue Vincent


love is fierce in me

the dawn no longer scares me

strength fever wrought me

closing time

slow traffic sign blinks

stray lights streak the wet pavement

my foot steps echo


water cold serene

then the holy light appears

rebirth i am pure

pour toi, Charlie

the cattails sway slow

resin sun settles down deep

she has blazed all day

moon in silver comes

knocking at my back window

dig his Elvis suit

then E Piaf croons

tears brim in my tired eyes

never did i miss

you so much as i

do now even with all of

our misunderstood

way of saying words

to drive each other away

fearing that our hearts

would be ripped apart

by anemic attempts to

share a normal life

you the older one

did not necessarily

know best i was young

i did not know that

fucking my way through real love

in time would never

heal our broken parts

still not all was a failure

truth and wine reveal


coping with the pain

of the shame i feel today

hold me in support


mother earths mirror

polished by the fairy maids

they three come and smile

Photo Courtesy of Sue Vincent