pour toi, Charlie

the cattails sway slow

resin sun settles down deep

she has blazed all day

moon in silver comes

knocking at my back window

dig his Elvis suit

then E Piaf croons

tears brim in my tired eyes

never did i miss

you so much as i

do now even with all of

our misunderstood

way of saying words

to drive each other away

fearing that our hearts

would be ripped apart

by anemic attempts to

share a normal life

you the older one

did not necessarily

know best i was young

i did not know that

fucking my way through real love

in time would never

heal our broken parts

still not all was a failure

truth and wine reveal


coping with the pain

of the shame i feel today

hold me in support


mother earths mirror

polished by the fairy maids

they three come and smile

Photo Courtesy of Sue Vincent

haiku for Petra

endlessness of night

honeysuckle’s soft weeping

stars dull one by one

haiku for JP

marvelous are your

eyes full of ancient wisdom

so terrific comes

haiku for Mark

grey eyes open shirt

i want you tonight lover

luck whistled on by

grady’s haiku

a twisted twig i

am not worthy of your cross

Rabbi gather me

meu destino final

Picture courtesy of Sue Vincent

at last arrival

after having traveled far

the mists welcome me

goddess to the Lord

silent trees in your palace

Earth’s road guides me in

by standing still my

soul witnessed the majesty

grace that lights His cloak

float i do down the

path to see my loves again

the human gauze falls

at long last from my

eyes that i may see my truth

and pain disappears

body parts

for Vicente


crows gather to drink

water from the dirty street

i sit in waiting


footsteps upon the

main entrance of the lonely

church tread on holy


visions in my head

i see the cock will crow once

more and they will come


to find us where we

are gathered in the sacred

house and take us with


their dirty decrees

it happened in the east first

it’s in the west now