ferris wheel

free to float slowly

through time and silent spaces

where angels hold me

montagne au repos

Picture courtesy of Sue Vincent

there her spirit rests

rays of silver reaching out

her face gleams in peace

stella mori

universe so dark

just like in my room tonight

stars so far away

a prodigal’s tithe

i bring forth a gift

humble but frail in its heart

gratitude for life

strip mall haikus

tall telephone pole

over pale distance crows caw

sun rises once more

parking lot safe house

for last night’s oil puddles

aglow in morning

pushcart troubadours

seek out their daily bread place

chow lines slowly move

weeds grow cautiously

in vacant junky yard suite

fast food wrappers scream

at M. Wong’s

pink vapor rises

my feet grind to the wild song

we howl hard at love

for Chabela’s grave stone

the old path to the

gray green river holding gold

steps of ghosts fade off

mercantile store stands

empty and devoid of blood

by the railroad’s end

youthful eyes smiling

bright pigtails full of petals

soul in pretty dress

Thetis’ ascension

the soul of water

is smoke as she rises to

heaven’s lobby door

Pic by mbrazfield (c) 2019


thank You for my life

with all the painful sorrows

Your light shown me through


my forest concrete

slabs winding wires swing high

moon down we whisper

Photo by mbrazfield 2019