meu destino final

Picture courtesy of Sue Vincent

at last arrival

after having traveled far

the mists welcome me

goddess to the Lord

silent trees in your palace

Earth’s road guides me in

by standing still my

soul witnessed the majesty

grace that lights His cloak

float i do down the

path to see my loves again

the human gauze falls

at long last from my

eyes that i may see my truth

and pain disappears

body parts

for Vicente


crows gather to drink

water from the dirty street

i sit in waiting


footsteps upon the

main entrance of the lonely

church tread on holy


visions in my head

i see the cock will crow once

more and they will come


to find us where we

are gathered in the sacred

house and take us with


their dirty decrees

it happened in the east first

it’s in the west now

sonata for Tom Waits

no breeze only lights

blinking to a sad tempo

heads bowed its morning

silent warm sun up

notes are sober something’s up

maturity creeps

dawn’s hour moon comes

wisdom tied us together

passion made us one

Picture courtesy of Susi Bocks

for a wild Irish boy

tempest in your name

wild love ripples through my soul

tease me rowdy wind


chaos in our blood

sunrise joins our hungry mouths

zen entwines our flesh

stolen nectar

you blue humming bird

i orange blossom opened

satisfied you go

the meaning of us

slow frail time nears us

old i as you are parting

new i takes over                   


terminal lucidity

she lays down often

now that summer is hotter

her dewy jade eyes

are fading faster

into a darkness behold

Mother’s heart beats less

her skin now scented

of decay and loneliness

she saw her future

Photo Courtesy of Tumblr

progress rethunk

sun sets by the park

ducks whose proud necks extend high

fought the urban wars