Christmas Eve 93′

hot chocolate candy canes almond cookies apple wine

red bra black leather pants black stilettos two blue eyes

one green eye hazel on the left scratches cuts and bruises

he wonders how she got em’ but too afraid to ask

instead he holds her tighter cus in the end she’s always gone

in the middle of the night he gets up pees and scratches his ass

just big boy that no bride could tie down

she slightly opens up her mouth gaping like a baby bird

and he sneaks quietly into her arms catches a whiff of patchouli from her hair

two wet paper winged angels just hoping for some love

the barker

scurry, flurry

and tread right up

to the strangest

show on earth

come one or all who

remain in this world

to see the corpse in

the archives of time

hanging for the wolves

beloved and slated in one breath

global victim of the letter

of the law

inoperable in the one pit of time

terror and broken bone

let the vultures

entertain your value

let the earth open up and

imbibe us whole

oh holy milky way

spit us back out

through caves

let the mud and the ashes

fill in the tooth

the trees are all broken

the soul’s in the zoo

waiting for a

piece of meat