a line followed not straight feet hollowed out by the bumps of life

a beat heard faintly like a radio sign from outer space on a kids ham radio

intuition dimmed heavy without direction like broken jade frowning atop the china cabinet

a kiss blown by aging beauty queens to the princess up and coming

young girl twirling on a pole old man staring at her bones she thinks of tea sets and raggedy Ann doll he thinks of the life he once so loved who is buried six feet under

the flowers radiant pinks and red stems green and full of life across a dirty street i sooth dry skin and raise my glass to Martha

22 thoughts on “stone

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  3. Only you and the shadow know what lies in the hearts and minds of those around us.
    I love the how you illustrated the young girl and the old man and the disconnect between their thoughts and their actions. You know, books and covers and stuff.
    Btw, I still don’t know if I should laugh or cry at what you write. Just keep me guessing.

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    • I’ve almost always been kinda hyper vigilant and quiet an observant flesh ghost. I’ve had conversations with hundreds of folks in my lifetime. From the very rich to the very poor, straight, gay, trans, pan, etc. All the colors of the rainbow and one thing I’ve learned is that we all feel the same things in the end. its damned hard to explain my writing process. I just write how I’m thinking or speaking internally. I am not trained although I’ve taken a couple of writing courses, but I never did learn much. I just couldn’t do it. I guess you can say I write the way Jackson Pollock painted?? Thanks for reading friend xo


      • I’ve lived in upstate New York for most of my life (Adirondack foothills, north of Albany). My rainbow was pretty monochromatic growing up and for the most part it still is. The business I have (Fishing and Archery/Hunting) is patronized largely by middle aged, white males who for the most part, have lived here most of their lives. I don’t have a lot of customer friends, lots of difficulties in that type of relationship.

        I should just blog a reply to you, there’s a lot I have to say.

        Instead, I’ll say this for now. I am seeing, experiencing and understanding more of the world around me now. I still have a long way to go. I’m dismayed by the pervasiveness of old school, pick an ‘ism’, in our society and how ignorant I still am of it. I realize that something I’ve said or am about to say qualifies as, or is interpreted as one of those ‘isms’, even when I didn’t intend it as such.

        I’ll try again.

        You are absolutely right! We are all the same inside, with all the same hopes, needs, fears, desires… We need to realize and recognize that in each other, no matter where on the spectrum we exist. As for your writing style, what do the instructors know? You communicate viscerally in your own style. Don’t change for anyone. I can’t write the way you do organically. My internal editor gets in the way, heck, it took me all morning and three tries to write this long winded and totally inadequate reply!

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      • Oh my gosh what an awesome reply thank you so much! I feel so connected. Yes I feel and believe we are all the same internally in our souls as is my belief that my God created us all. But I understand that there are so many ideas and beliefs its beautiful and amazing. I believe if free thought speech etc. I draw the line if people’s lives are threatened. But if folks just want to speak their mind that’s great by me. We are free willed and I have respect for this right we have. I dont practice “isms” but I dont disrespect the practitioner either. Its easier to get along ๐Ÿ’› thank you friend for reading and engaging be free you crazy kid lol


  4. Freedom to express oneself is what makes life worth living. I abhor ‘isms’ and try my best to recognize and avoid participating in them. Because of the work I do, where I live, and my middle aged, male whiteness, people often make assumptions and say things that are ‘ism’ laden thinking that I agree with them. That’s not to say that all the people I encounter daily are nonredeemable ‘ists’. Most are living under their own rock with their own limited view, not bad people to the core, but comfortable where they are and a little scared of otherness. I think we all are to some degree, it’s how or if we acknowledge that fact and how we conduct ourselves and grow that counts. If a person blatantly displays his or her ‘ism’, fine, now I know who I’m dealing with and can act accordingly.
    Getting along with each other is pretty simple;
    – treat others as you wish to be treated
    – respect and accept other’s differences
    – say please and thank you
    – don’t assume

    You teach me a lot about what life is for other people through your writing.I enjoy talking to you.
    Thank you

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  5. That brings a whole new context. Huh.

    I don’t believe in purgatory.
    I won’t believe that we are being judged or punished.
    I can’t believe in a power that would toy with us like that.

    Not purgatory, a measure of your sensitivity. The real challenge is not letting it break you and you have risen to that challenge.

    I’ll read anything you write, friend!

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    • I’m with you on that too, while I believe in hell, I dont believe that people are condemned to it. I dont know where souls go, but I do believe that for the most part we will all go to whatever heaven is for us. But that’s an entire different convo lol. Keep the work coming ๐Ÿ˜Š

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