ccr on highway one

it all falls on formal shores,

Mr. Fogerty,

the rain you talk about.

the circles are no more,

the pulse neither fast or slow.

but Mr. Fogerty, my time for all is gone.

the sun hard and warm,

and i see the rain soft and cold.

yes, you sang to me long ago.

in the sand where glass is born

in the image of the bones.

the rain it lingers in the holes.

through the blood a soul is told,

live forever all alone,

no more fear to wander.

Mr. Fogerty i see your rain,

in the wrinkles of the pain.

to a life of no complain.

to the wars of the remorseful heart

like an engine in the 8th.

no more fear to wander.

and the circles in the eye

Mr. Fogerty for this time,

shedding rivers in the light.

across the fire of the sun,

skies are empty,hearts are down.

and the rain will keep its distance.

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