i smell salt

warm soft sand
breeze rippled smiles
across the mounds
wispy grasses
i smell salt
the seaweed that comes to shore
lends substance to the air
cotton candy fluff like
is the wind that rides tonight
soaring all of my prayers to the sky
where to diamond stars they’re delivered
and where the earth and sleepy she sun meet
they kiss releasing beams of orange glee
closing my eyes
i move my arms and adjust my heart
facilitating peace that finds me

blackened gold

for R Banks ♤

lips caress
the pain from my mind
blue eyes stroke my dying soul
beneath the surface of the black night
while in the frenzy of Danzig’s song you offer me a sip of water puffing away at native tobacco plucking at Goldie’s chords your life rearranged across your chest just a foreword to the quest that brought us two together

She waits for us

no answer is also an answer

🦅 Hopi Proverb

to stare into the blank horizon

it lacks the pastel colors mother used to love

we the silent types proud and self assured cowards or lost fools

makes very little difference

to tighten my jaw as you purse your lips we know what we are thinking

we have no answer for what is happening to us

all we are not willing to admit that She is critical because of our silence

are we prepared for what comes this way as Her pulse tires and slows

the silence without bird songs is the vilest way to perish

contact high

your fingers in my mouth

last night

your grey eyes pierce

the defense

green eyes beg for mercy

fingers palms around my breasts

your lips have sealed

my arguments

the weight of your command

over me while my legs lock you in

nothing about us

is so simple

while our breathes spar under the stars

the waves have chosen sides

an angry surge and im on top

but your hands clutch my hips

ive fallen under your rhythm

studying the pleasure on my face

rolling like the ocean

you gain command of the tautness

of my body

denying me nirvana by the shore

the traces of urgency on your wrinkled brow

are buried in my tangled hair

fingers locked in final battle

we come to a mutual agreement


on the inside of the room
the floor is my alter
laying down my hands
again i surrender
with a wet smile upon my face

none was wasted in the
empty harvest of the heart
and the milky way is far
from me in this hour
i most desire

most in your opinion
was the thrift that
you did lay and probationary
periods of my feelings
judged to be abstained
from me forever

ccr on highway one

it all falls on formal shores,

Mr. Fogerty,

the rain you talk about.

the circles are no more,

the pulse neither fast or slow.

but Mr. Fogerty, my time for all is gone.

the sun hard and warm,

and i see the rain soft and cold.

yes, you sang to me long ago.

in the sand where glass is born

in the image of the bones.

the rain it lingers in the holes.

through the blood a soul is told,

live forever all alone,

no more fear to wander.

Mr. Fogerty i see your rain,

in the wrinkles of the pain.

to a life of no complain.

to the wars of the remorseful heart

like an engine in the 8th.

no more fear to wander.

and the circles in the eye

Mr. Fogerty for this time,

shedding rivers in the light.

across the fire of the sun,

skies are empty,hearts are down.

and the rain will keep its distance.


looking at the opulent west terminally

the west is a direction of science and de-evolution

the west has birthed and aborted

the west holds my key to survival


the west is where it’s at

the west is less frightening at night

the west is my coast

an edge between a dry crypt

and a watery eternal post

manifest destiny cowboys and ghosts

all looked to the west

falling off the edge

to a sagging universe

the west is not frightening at night

cellular levels impaled by expensive


blood runs so cold it’s hot

life veins decapitated from their heart

to no avail

my apple has rolled out into the ocean