dysmorphic algorithm

sometimes in life things happen to the person that makes them hate God.

sometimes one person who knows it all will meet the person who hates God.

the knowledgeable person will tell the hateful person that they are not doing things right in the eyes of the Lord. in the knowledgeable person’s mind, the hateful person’s life is fucked up because the person is hateful.

sometimes the knowledgeable person does not know what the hateful person can and can’t do. and doesn’t bother to ask, because they know it all.

sometimes knowledgeable people don’t understand that some hateful people are handed a bad package that takes a life time to process.

sometimes the self-righteousness of one person will not allow them to see that the hateful person can’t serve God the way the self-righteous person wants them to.

sometimes the hateful person will turn the world away because they are ashamed by their inability to serve the way the self- righteous person wants them to.

sometimes neither person stops to pray.

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