Alpha and Omega

my lover is fast




but when my lover is in my bed

my lover has an addicting sweetness

filling the worm holes in my soul

with the light of the stars

under God’s feet

my lover curls my toes with delight

my lover licks and suckles universes

in and out of my body and mind

i never knew existed

my lover’s almost vapory fingers

massage me

penetrate me

in luscious blinding ecstasy

swirling my very breath

in orgasmic space travel

past the Nebulae

that are yet to come

i simply believed

that i loved my lover more than anything, ever

that the continents could fall below me

that Satan himself could drag me

into the molten pits of Hell by my guts

i didn’t care as long as my lover was there with me

on my arm

or at least have my lover close enough

where i could sniff their tarty scent

they got under my skin

i lost control of myself

i lost the life

that i would like to have gotten accustomed to-

and i almost lost my soul, forever

4 thoughts on “Alpha and Omega

    • I guess sometimes its for the best. This particular piece is not about a human lover, but how we can get swept away by what seems good when in reality we are getting swept away to our end, which for me was hard to get out of, like quicksand. Obrigado poeta!

      Liked by 2 people

      • Boy! You are really some kind of great Poeta! Wonderful work!!!… Do not fight the quicksand, you will drown faster! Keep in touch colega poeta!


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