picnic 1975

so he said don’t look up

little darling or your pistachio

eyes will turn to coal

so i said no they won’t

but i did not believe my words

although against logic

i looked up anyway

so can you see stars and lines

or dark dark bubbles on the car

doors my little darling

your eyes are red

no i said so i can keep

looking unbeknown to him

i really wanted to burn

my eyes out to stop the future

from charging me

so listen my petite

devil i cannot let you

look up anymore

so place this hat upon your

head and know that God is always

above you

i know i am beneath

but can i have an orange

oh no no i want a pickle

with pastrami instead

i could not see but i lied


so you think you’re

hungry? we have food

in the car follow me

but don’t look up and if you’re

good we can roll down the

hill together

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