July 4, 1981

in the grocery cart you find the frogs down by the river

                bending in the light to where

the Pacific Bell poles rot at the bottom

in the creek where all the vagrants pee

                  it’s not lady like to see those things

but i guess i can learn faster to just look

   lucidity in their feet as the cops roll bye quietly

                      looking at the river grounds

“shut up shut up shut up!” the mantra of the

            prophetic invisibles fighting to stay in the

                      black hole

by the river Frog-town groans and the little fire fluffs

    spark here and there like in Gustav’s serpents

but Chavez’ Ravine bullies the twilight with a salute to

                   the liberation on the fourth

and we are all out of innings               

2 thoughts on “July 4, 1981

  1. My pleasure. This piece is about watching a fourth of July show at Dodger stadium which is directly above a stretch of the LA River. At the base at that time was an encampment of homeless hippies and when the police would drive by they’d scatter to hide in the bushes or water tunnels. Mostly women though. They would flicker their lighters on to light their cigarettes or warm themselves up. The memory of the flickers have always reminded me about Klimts work. Frog town is just a nick name for Atwater Village and Chavez Ravine is where Dodger Stadium sits 😥 lol


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