la llorona redux

children this is your mother city Porciuncula

calling and wailing when i feel your fall

i anger i ponder  cry in agony

i’ve watched you grow in my neighborwombs

i’ve watched you writhe in the pain of isolation

i’ve withstood you raising your hand in anger and murder

against your siblings    my streetveins flow through

your souls and while your spirits are still in the hearts

of your flesh ancestors your ache and loneliness

emblazoned on flags of blue red and black

demarking ancestral bruising

how can i avenge you my children

when i simultaneously incubate the demise

perhaps the answer lies

in my children rising up and punching with their brains

honoring themselves with their mind

and claiming your royal given right    to rise and be you

2 thoughts on “la llorona redux

  1. Neighborwombs and streerveins – I love how you have personified the city (is it LA?) beautifully and that last line, so hopeful! Your response to the prompt is above par!


  2. Yes its LA. Porciuncula is its old time name, it means little piece in Italian, roughly 🙂 i really appreciate you taking the time to read. i guess its my way of
    grieving some of the negative issues that plague the city. yet, there are also beautiful and human aspects to all lives, especially our young. i dont want to romanticize what goes on, but the reasons behind the violence at times could be resolved, we just need to love our human race a lot more. again thanks for reading 🙂


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