Zimmy’s Head

in dreams i can see inside of Zimmy’s head if i wipe my third eye i can hear the wind blowing in the waterfall if i stand on one leg i can tell how many eons the mountain will take to swim in the ocean in my delirium he asks me “well what did you see green-eyed one?” on my back i groaned the tiny crabs rise from their crevices i tremble as their tiny feet tinkle in the sand wiping my eyes with the tears of Mary i am overcome by the opening of the cave as if the Hand did unseal the jar to anoint me with freedom

13 thoughts on “Zimmy’s Head

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  2. The photo prompt reminded me of Dylan’s silhouette on the Greatest Hits cover. So i wondered to myself what would he be thinking about, then i just rattled off to other thoughts 🙂 Thank you for reading 🙂


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  4. WOW. Such colorful and evocative imagery. I love the ending here too, it is so emotional to me. What a fascinating piece of prose, I found myself drowning in your words. Incredible piece.

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