Violet’s sisters

as the cars go by

we sit on the corners

of the public walkways

under tattered canopies

that used to be hanging gardens

and fields of golden straw

our chiffon gowns encrusted with rubies

are dwindled to greasy rags

crystal chandeliers and exquisite ballrooms

transformed to milk crates and cardboard boxes

dignity and the strength of spirit stand tall while

we grow accustomed to darkness

23 thoughts on “Violet’s sisters

  1. thank you Violet. i live ten minutes away from DTLA i was born there, grew up there, left for school, came back and im still trying to process how my home has evolved. There are many great things here, im not complaining, However, DTLA and skidrow has a large population of aging women of all backgrounds. a few days a week i walk around and i notice how some women still have their make up on or a lovely blouse on or they are brushing their hair, while they argue, are in pain or experiencing psychosis.i am challenged as to what to think, how to reflect how can i help. and then if we make eye contact at times they will smile at me and i can see that their spirit is well in spite of the hell around i write in the hopes that i am not abandoning them. it;s not enough to donate material goods, i feel that it is important to honor the spirit as well.

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