Mr. Walt

how are you

i’m at Whole Foods

nature and wholesomeness now vacuumed packed

i daydreamed of you while my cell phone crashed

i can’t feel me

tortured girl

i miss



you wrote

about it

my feet have turf

pictures of log cabins stored in a box

at the natural museum deemed worthless

Walt my spirit

aches for time

with you


9 thoughts on “sing

    • good morning Poeta! thank you for reading. with the Spring time here in LA and living in the metro area with all of the fads etc. it makes me nostalgic for Walt Whitman and how he lived his life. obviously he lived in simpler times with way less technology than we do now, but for me personally more technology makes my life more anxious and complicated. i just want to hear a song 🙂 and sleep in real grass not astro turf at the park lol Obrigado and greetings 🙂

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      • Colega Poeta! That’s deep! And I know exactly what you mean! I found my self longing for the touch of the grass every now and then… As for mister Whitman, he is fascinating, I’m reading a few of his poems and they are just amazing! Complex man, no doubt about that!

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  1. I remember being read a story as a very small child, about the last tree. They had fenced it off and people paid to see it…until it died. The ‘feel’ of the story has stayed with me for over half a century. I always worried I might see it come true…

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  2. i agree with that feeling especially with all of the devastating natural disasters that have been happening lately i don’t know very much about much but i can’t help to believe in my core that nature will prevail, i hope that humanity does the same thanks for reading Sue 🙂


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