boonie rat haiku

an opened can of

corn and ash filled cups behind

your bible bookcase

i didn’t notice

dusk approaching silently

baby blue surfboard

against your bedroom

doors my hand reaches to them

Darwin winks at me

encircling my legs

your absence claws both our hearts

he feeds on salmon

the path of cigar

ashes etched like hieroglyphs

leads to your studio

Old Glory salutes

me she hangs on solemnly

a noble widow

kneeling in front of

the jar holding your medals

Darwin smiles at me

2 thoughts on “boonie rat haiku

    • Happy Friday, Violet thanks for reading and commenting. its great encouragement 🙂 Darwin was the soldier’s cat, yes he smiled a lot. growing up i had the honor of meeting lots of military folks and i still do. i was born toward the tail end of the Vietnam war and i cant recall a moment of peace. Darwin? Have we evolved from re;lying on force and violence as human beings? im humbled by the courage of our service folks either way.


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