“Do You?”

there are some days when we miss our mother no matter what circumstances might have brought us apart. the spirit of this offering captures the spirit of a woman i admired and loved, but hardly knew. thank you, Jen for this amazing work of art.

Starlight and Moonbeams


saddled shoes, shorts, bandaided knees

running where don’t know, on asphalt jungle chasing

tag your it on summer Nicky Nicky Nine doors clear

nights before the lights came on clean streets beddy-

by dreams Flintstones and Mickey Mouse.

Knee-highed socks and pigtails Camel hair coated,

camel Clarks listening to classical music to

Quell the pain, Barbie got Ken who cared some

war broke out somewhere and a Wall. Three initials JFK

something about bombs from some Niki some

place called Cuba pulling tabs on sodas personal, computers?

JFK shot! killed on Daddy’s Birthday, Marilyn selfy.

Minied skirts and loafers hoping pointed toes lost fashion

settling for Mary Jane empires buckle clips left behind.

Red Skelton, Lucy and Ralph our Heroes while

trading in mood Rings for Ouija boards twisting

through checker watching Go Go Dancers do their thing,

no go bouffant that’s, So, Aunt Jean I’ll do the locomotion,


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5 thoughts on ““Do You?”

    • its been haunting me, there is so much in there that reminds me of my mother, i can even smell her home when i was very young we would “bond” over Lucy and Lawrence Welk, it just brought up so much emotion since i first read it. if it dont make you feel, it aint art! this is a gift to me, so thank you 🙂

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