Thetis’ ascension

the soul of water

is smoke as she rises to

heaven’s lobby door

Pic by mbrazfield (c) 2019

Nominated for Mystery Bloggers Award

thank you Kritika!  at

da roolz

1. The award logo/image should be on your blog.
2. Rules should be listed
3. Be thankful to the one who nominated you and do add the link to their blog
4. Answer five questions asked by the person nominating you
5. Tell  your readers  three things about yourself
6. Notify the nominees on through comments on their blog
7. Ask five questions, of your choice, to your nominees. One of which should be funny or weird.
8. Share a link to your best post    

q an a for Kritika

1. Has your blog transformed your life?

i think that it has i get to share some thoughts with folks who might send me advice or who just get it i love to read work that speaks to me as well and know that i’m not alone even if it’s just cyber space

2. What are your hobbies? Is blogging one of them? 

i guess blogging is a hobbie but really its more therapeutic i like to read and just let my mind wander its difficult and exhausting some days

3. Are you attracted towards balloons still?

balloons scare me seriously i will hyper ventilate and pass out PTSD bad

4. Writing on blog, do you take it as an obligation?

not at all i love writing i need it in my life

5. Have you ever written a funny post on blog?

i have some funny pieces i think like the price of peanut butter and charm school drop out i’m really funny and witty in person if i have to write something down and think it through it doesn’t work for me i think

i love animals

i believe in a higher power

i’m beginning to like myself

q and a for nominees

  1. what is your favorite James Bond movie?
  2. what is your favorite historical time period?
  3. Whitman or Beckwith?
  4. what’s your favorite diet?
  5. invent a knock-knock joke…

words less spoken nominates

meltingneurons To Ink – a blog from Melting Neurons

Jen Goldie Jen Goldie – A little this, a little that, some real and some imaginings

Through Violet’s Lentz

Len’s Daily

Harley Unhinged

happy Sunday every one xoxo


Excited or Normal
I know not
by thevel
to whom
I am thankful for
your kindness
I am thankful for
your humbleness
considering me
for this mysterious award
this blogging fun
now seems to have started
to get intoform


Seriously a mystery for me with some rules to be followed. Frankly, I always mention others I am new to writing whichled to blogging.This year I have made a huge amount of changes in my life one of which includes this blog.The rules:

1. The award logo/image should be on your blog.
2. Rules should be listed
3. Be thankful to the one who nominated you and do add the link to their blog
4. Answerfive questions asked by the person nominating you
5.Tell your readers three things about yourself
6. Notify the nominees onthrough comments on their blog
7.Askfive questions, of your choice,to your nominees. One of…

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Quotable Poe Week Two-M. Brazfield

thank you Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen

Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen

God and serpent’s urgent staff meeting

hey i have been crazy

insane raving mad

for a very long time

lunacy in my heart

mind untouched

by Your lamentations

free will i heard You say

i hid behind the tree

to bring down Your precious creation


he fell for it with ease

the girl well the girl

what can i say mere little rib

it really wasn’t her fault

the fruit forbidden

say it so

c’mon i know

it wasn’t really wrong

was it

not at all

no You just wanted

quiet little baa baa sheep

now about the girl

perhaps You were a bit

too swift

in punishing the children

wasn’t a life long

union with the that lad You made enough

a violet fig leaf cloak was that all

that he could muster

in Your image but not Your cunning

oh ho ho i beg to differ


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Quotable Poe Week One – M. Brazfield

thank you Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen!
check them out y’all they rock!

Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen

sweet anguish

because you were my echo
for all eternity you’ve held me
mid air gagged and bound
i clung and you squeezed
an inky black forbidden sickness
blessed only by masters apostates all
i cut my skin for you
i lied and forked my tongue for you
i crawled in shame only for you
but you still held me held me there
like a cave around the diamond
you and i knew each other for a thousand years
my beloved my tempting mistress
i your little nothing lower than waste
your eyes green emeralds
and cheeks of porcelain gold
you smiled into my darkened mirror
and willingly i shred my soul
if only for a taste of you
a taste of a devilish divine kiss
let me crawl raw belly on crystal you nails
caress my blood as a farewell
like sand in the Sahara
let me slip through…

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A Cockney Angel

Len, this is way beyond cool!!!!! beautiful story love it love it love it thank you so much for sharing ❤

Len's Diary

Shout out to mbrazfieldm at Words Less Spoken for giving me the following idea from her blog
She wrote in part of an angel named Hortance, a Mae West look alike, who spoke with a Cockney accent.

I weren’t much of a looker. Me face being a bit pinched, dark circles under me eyes and I ‘ad this ‘orrible wart on me chin. But I ‘ad a generous ‘eart. I used to give to the poorest of the poor. Blokes who needed me but couldn’t afford the ready.

They’d say “Liza, I got an urgent need, but me ship ain’t come in yet. ‘Ow about yer take care of me and I’ll say a prayer fer yer. I’ll put in a word for yer to that geezer up there. Tell ‘im of your kind ‘eart.”

I’d say ” ‘Ow can a girl with a kind ‘eart refuse yer, when…

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i want to share this awesome offering from my friend Lynyo. check out his stuff!!!!!


You keep my words far from oblivion’s grasp

A simile sometimes is worth one more day of life

Here, where my demons and fears clasp

Here, amongst words, memories, and pain we share the same strife

May every sentence give you a new horizon

May every tear of a forgotten memory give you new strength

Here, we dream new colors rising

Here, we do not fear the withered thought or it’s raging length

Write your heart tonight

My friend in weirdness

Keep on the fight

Past lives are built on forgiveness…

To my friend:


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Promote a Poet/Writer Thursday | August 15, 2019

Go Dog Go Café

Promote a Poet.Writer Thursday

Welcome to Promote a Poet/Writer Thursday! This is the day of the week where all members of the Go Dog Go Café Community are invited to introduce a Poet or Writer they enjoy reading.

Participating is really fast and simple- in the comments below, post the link for the Home Page of the Poet/Writer you are introducing to us and tell us briefly why you think they are special.

We encourage all of you to visit these blogs (or social media pages) and get acquainted with some great new writers.  You never know who you might meet. . .

Happy reading!

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August: submissions still open



If you’re worried you may have missed the chance to submit a piece to Free Verse Revolution this month, do not fear, submissions are still open!

I only have six more spots and I would love to fill them with writers the readers here on Free Verse Revolution know and love. If you have submitted regularly before and you are interested, drop me an email at to reserve a spot.

If you are new and this is your first time submitting, please follow the guidelines below:

August’s theme is Chance.

Send your submissions to

I accept poetry and short prose; pieces may be previously published.

Format: pieces should be attached via email as either a Word or Google doc. If you wish to send an accompanying image, attach this separately.

Author bio: if this is your first time submitting work for consideration, include a short biography and…

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Fibbing Friday July 19 JULY 19, 2019~THE HAUNTED WORDSMITH

Friday is here and you know what that means! Time to take off the good boy and girl clothes and put your fibbing caps on. What are the greatest whoppers you can spin for today’s questions?

  1. Why is there an ‘e’ on the end of toe but not potato? “Po-ta-toe were triplets and they had an uncle To who lost his “e” in a jousting debacle. So that uncle To(e) wouldn’t bleed to death nephew toe donated his “e” to his uncle. Little toe didn’t need it, the “e” was an extra appendage like a tail.
  2. What did the lettuce say to the rabbit? “If you eat me you might get e.coli.”
  3. What is the best type of stick? “Oh ho ho, naughty naughty…tisk, tisk!”
  4. Why are wheat crackers so tasty? “I need to ask someone who eats them.”
  5. What happens at the rainbow factory on clear days? “They hose down the equipment and re-stock it with unicorn farts, they’re hard to get, like truffles.”
  6. Which item of clothing is the most jealous? “The panty is horribly jealous of the ski mask. Panty would rather be stuck to a pair of face cheeks rather than the bottom ones, poor dear.”
  7. How did a boat get in the middle of the desert? “That’s Noah’s he’s been lookin’ for it!”
  8. What kind of dessert is best served in the desert? “Rock candy, no wait, yes, a chocolate fountain, mmmmmmm……”
  9. What should an Englishman send an Australian for Christmas? “Personally, I think they should both be sending me presents.”
  10. What really happened in the Hellfire Caves? “Some person thought they could replicate Heisenberg’s recipe.”
  11. Why do ghosts exist? “They were in the Hellfire Caves.”
  12. Where do everlasting gobstoppers come from? “That cheap dude from Australia from question #9. He thought it was funny to send me one as a gift.”
  13. Where do dreams come from? “The Subaru commercials and too much extra cheese pizza.”

July: submissions still open!

share your love friends ❤


To new and regular contributors to Free Verse Revolution, the July submissions window is still open!

The theme is Love and it can be interpreted in any way you wish; whether that be a love of a significant other, crush, relative or possession.

I accept poetry and short pieces of prose which interpret the theme of the month in some way, and only one piece from each writer; but you may send up to three pieces for consideration.

Submission guidelines:

Send your submissions to

July’s theme: Love

Interpret the theme any way you wish; you do not need to use the word as a title. Pieces may be previously published.

Submission format: poem/short prose should be attached via email as a Word Document or Google Doc. Please refrain from pasting it into the email as this makes formatting very difficult.

Images: if you wish to send an accompanying image…

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