the jasmine breeze floats

                 through your presence

i see your eyes looking at me

               with uncertainty the electricity is dry

                              the crispness of your laugh pulsates at 3 seconds per beat

                                        both of our demons stay in their corners where the beauty has her throne

  our every move from the lightest wink

            to the full blown hand holding  

in the far away universe of the ozone   gray smoke

              bitter smell of another neuron dead

                       we did not love one another

i loved your image

                   and thinking on it now

             you were a lost boy with a pretty smile and power

     i knew the how-to’s of the score to the billboard of the hottest games

                in town          you could only get the tickets

we slept in the bushes of the mansions on the hills

           it would be a shame for your grandma to see

me there         as time went by and i dropped

           out of that game     you didn’t look

for                     me  but found another broker

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