the wind is beautiful soft blue

tonight the moon is quiet just a giggle in a hush

i wait and i call in my thoughts they are impetuous children

while my soul walks on sunset’s shores alone

the sewers carry my logic atop the roads i see the cliffs

down to the ocean gravity tolls a bell

where i wait in the dark for Venus to glow

where i feel your salty cold hands in a fast fading memory

in my imagination cherry tree in symphony

deep down in the last hope hands no longer clasped

of my heart i know not where or what to say

the trance broken by an old girl

starry are her purple eyes

she asks for a smoke

smiling i shrug my shoulders

she comforts me for not having the vice

little does she know

the habit of you  in my soul

inhibits my mind


6 thoughts on “nail

  1. This a delightfully mysterious piece. I’ve read it a few times and trying to get the full meaning. I love the imagery and enjoy your phrases – just a giggle in a hush. Thank you for joining this week’s challenge. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • thanks Eugenia, with this piece im exploring those last lingering stabbing feelings of hope that a lost romance might come back after they have left you a long time back some times you feel happy and liberated and at other times youre a mess 🙂 thanks for reading


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