charm school drop out

it’s very late and the crickets are bedding down in the banana trees for the night and behind the brick walls yes the ones tagged with nonsense the drunkard kings are pissing i’ve been kicked out of many a slummy joint you wouldn’t be the first bouncer to pop that cherry although i give you the fact that i was a little loud when the barkeep wouldn’t take my buck for a bottle of vodka but you understand i’m petite and not of swift feet when i’ve had a few tom collins’ down my gullet ok i get it don’t call my parent’s and that is not my id card but i do resent it when you won’t admit it that i’m the best duker in the bunch and while i have rosy knuckles to prove it let’s not point out last week’s black eye but don’t worry about me by the time i’m in my forties i might have been through a few programs for exceptional drinkers but psychoanalysis has nothing to do with a girl having fun on a Saturday night and by the way can you hold my hair back i feel a wave of chili coming up

16 thoughts on “charm school drop out

    • Thank you friend. Buk is one of my heroes for that very reason. And as amazing as it feels to be likened to him, I’m waaaaaaaayyyyy out of that league. Btw your last response about olives was amazing it blew me away. Yes stillness yes, I am tired 🧡

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      • Glad you enjoyed that! It was a fun back and forth for me, one of the things I love about this community… meeting fascinating people, sharing a connection, and getting inspired. Way out of his league or not, you carry his spirit and he’d love that. I try to carry my poets today too… I think that is the best respect.

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