Fibbing Friday July 19 JULY 19, 2019~THE HAUNTED WORDSMITH

Friday is here and you know what that means! Time to take off the good boy and girl clothes and put your fibbing caps on. What are the greatest whoppers you can spin for today’s questions?

  1. Why is there an ‘e’ on the end of toe but not potato? “Po-ta-toe were triplets and they had an uncle To who lost his “e” in a jousting debacle. So that uncle To(e) wouldn’t bleed to death nephew toe donated his “e” to his uncle. Little toe didn’t need it, the “e” was an extra appendage like a tail.
  2. What did the lettuce say to the rabbit? “If you eat me you might get e.coli.”
  3. What is the best type of stick? “Oh ho ho, naughty naughty…tisk, tisk!”
  4. Why are wheat crackers so tasty? “I need to ask someone who eats them.”
  5. What happens at the rainbow factory on clear days? “They hose down the equipment and re-stock it with unicorn farts, they’re hard to get, like truffles.”
  6. Which item of clothing is the most jealous? “The panty is horribly jealous of the ski mask. Panty would rather be stuck to a pair of face cheeks rather than the bottom ones, poor dear.”
  7. How did a boat get in the middle of the desert? “That’s Noah’s he’s been lookin’ for it!”
  8. What kind of dessert is best served in the desert? “Rock candy, no wait, yes, a chocolate fountain, mmmmmmm……”
  9. What should an Englishman send an Australian for Christmas? “Personally, I think they should both be sending me presents.”
  10. What really happened in the Hellfire Caves? “Some person thought they could replicate Heisenberg’s recipe.”
  11. Why do ghosts exist? “They were in the Hellfire Caves.”
  12. Where do everlasting gobstoppers come from? “That cheap dude from Australia from question #9. He thought it was funny to send me one as a gift.”
  13. Where do dreams come from? “The Subaru commercials and too much extra cheese pizza.”

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