dissecting the Geneva Convention

the summer is what it is here

the humidity clinging to my tired skin

like a crazy 50’s t.v. wife mockery

on Wall there’s the law and then there’s us

each side with glaring mutual understanding

that nothing is being done

no longer angels no longer devils

Gods gone fishing and they won’t be coming back

the species of Adam failed to keep their end of the

Covenant with Noah and Jesus holy shit what have we done

in life there is reason and there’s law

inside the soul there is right and there is wrong

inside the ego all is mine and nothing yours

on Koehler there is a man who doesn’t know he suffers

the fear he knows not himself prisoner of

the bio-hazardous ecosystem freedom gone awry

the filth the human shit the rage the insanity disease

the pain addiction poverty starvation piss trash

tears the waste of modern time

no longer get through the stains of a life

poorly lived or sorely wasted no logic

no feelings no rhyming no Kingdom will come

betwixt the cardboard and the shelter

the damage has been done

wage on me wage your wars

indifference is your nuclear weapon

5 thoughts on “dissecting the Geneva Convention

    • Thank you, I’m angry about the homeless situation in LA. It’s absolutely mind blowing it hurts. I’m so very blessed but the feeling of helplessness and overwhelming sorrow is insurmountable some days. I keep praying and hoping….

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  1. The homelessness situation seems to be becoming an acceptable mode of living. Politicians seem to have given up trying for a solution. I share your despair of the situation. Indifference is a terrible disease. This is so well written and an apt essay on the human condition.

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